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BLDC motor stator
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If you have an old machine, chances are high that you'd need to update it's motor.

Wide Speed Range Icon

Wide Speed Range

Broad speed capabilities for a range of operations.

BLDC motor Compact design Icon

Compact Design

Minimal Footprint, maximum power.

BLDC motor constant torque graph icon

Constant Torque Operation

Consistent across various speeds and loads.

BLDC motor high efficiency icon

High efficiency

Exceptional efficiency for substantial savings.

BLDC motor long life representing icon

Long Life Span

Durable and long-lasting performance.

BLDC motor low noise and vibration icon

Low Noise & Vibration

Virtually silent with minimal vibration.

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We are exactly who you need your BLDC motors from, and here's why.

BLDC motor stator

Alto For BLDC

Alto offers a wide range of customisable options help you select right motor and controller to bring a significant change for your product.

1. Choice

BLDC is relatively new technology in market but a powerful one. We help you to select right motor.

2. Custom

If none of our product meet your requirement, we can help you build custom motor.

3. Controllers

Controllers are an important part of BLDC motor, controller decides what can be harnessed from BLDC motor.

4. Efficiency

Alto will optimise to harness its full potential for your application and does deliver value for your customer.

Our Controller Labs

Empowering Motor Control Solutions:
Journey into Our Pioneering Controller Labs.


Employing advanced design methodologies and precision engineering to create highly efficient and reliable BLDC controllers, tailored to meet your specific motor control requirements and optimise system performance.

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Precisely manufactured controllers tailored to match your design specifications for seamless integration and optimal performance.


Streamlined delivery process ensures prompt access to controllers for optimised motor systems.

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Advancing the industry with cutting-edge research and development.

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BLDC motor stator

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